NPTV is an open cloud-computing video platform which
is radically different from Smart TVs or set-top boxes

It's a design toolbox for sophisticated interactive television that works on all TVs, smartphones, tablets and set-top boxes regardless of their capacity and origin. How is that possible? Read on.

Never trust a device to do the cloud's job

When you use a set-top box, a Smart TV or a tablet, everything that you
see on screen is rendered by the device.

So if a tablet is too weak to show fancy
buttons— bye, fancy buttons

By contrast, NPTV produces all the graphics inside a powerful graphics cloud,
packs it into a simple video stream to then send it onto any device.

This is exactly how NPTV works

It renders complex graphics, effects and interfaces and packs it all into
an easy-to-watch video—in real time.

When 3D artists create a spaceship for a blockbuster movie, they use equipment
worth millions of dollars. But you don’t need the same equipment
to watch the movie — a fifty dollar tablet will do.

There’s so much we can change
about traditional TV!


Hotel TV App enhances standard features of interactive content viewing.
With this app, you can enjoy all hotel services on the spot:
set an alarm-clock, check your room account,
make a reservation in a restaurant, call a taxi, etc.


News App features an interactive dashboard that enables a user
to switch between news shows and receive the latest relevant information.
Users can also open a context menu for each news show
to view additional information.


Racing App has exciting interactive features: you can switch
to the video broadcast from the driver's cabin and see
what is going on there at a particular moment.
You can also view the statistical information,
drivers' positions, race course descriptions, etc.